How to improve the knowledge in 21st century for everyone in developing countries

Today technology help brings knowledge to everyone. You can learn any when, anywhere .The most important thing is how to pick up good knowledge from numerous internet sources:

1   .  Choose good articles from Professors, Experts in subjects that you care. My experiment is I would love to read books or articles from Professor who has contribute their work life in the subjects that I care, for example: Dr Alan Greenspan in economics when I studying about economics

2   .    Studying at the moment that I need, for example: I need to study How to write an essay in English. I will learn how to do that at the time I need. I called that is studying for action, not for theory

3   .    Studying for knowledge, not for getting a job

4   .    Fighting back lazy in you by autosuggestion. For example: Time for studying English, but you don’t want to study it, let use autosuggestion ask yourself. This is the time for studying English, not for anything else. You will see the result if you try it often

5   .    Self-studying need disciplines spirit high in you. Try everyday a little bit for better future because Knowledge is power. Knowledge will lead us to good actions and from good actions lead us to better future. Living in this life, no one wants poor, sick or stupid. But because lack of knowledge leads us to bad future. Good knowledge plus good ethics: love, sympathy, compassion and help others. You are already an Angel, a Buddha or a God.

To finish this small tips. I want remind you the story of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of United States, who was born in poor village in border of Kentucky and Indiana. He largely self-educated and become lawyer and 16th president of United States as we knew. Come on I know you are the next one who can do it, you just close your door when you give up.

Author: Kimchi Luu



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