What You Should Prepare For Yourself In The 4th Industrial Revolution Coming

Auto machines and robots will replace human jobs all over fields. You will face to lose job and future of unstable, turbulence, even if you are a billionaire.

In the past the consumer economy encourage everyone buy and buy more. The factories ran every day, every night to service you. You worked so hard to buy things that you think that it would make you happy such as commercial ads always enticed. And you realize that Material possession didn’t make you happy and it only feed your ego, your greed and your jealousy when you always look at the grass over other hill. You didn’t feel happy when your neighbor has nice car than your and you didn’t feel happy when your friends has higher salary than yours.

and now The climate change , air pollution , extreme weather , out of resources , dying planet made you awake that Consumer economy did more than feeding your ego. It destroyed your planet by overabundance.

And right now is Time for people to change for better planet. Any revolution has 2 side of problem. Bad side and Good side. Creation not only bring benefits but also bring destroy, it called destroying creation.

There are 2 things you need to prepare to survive in this 4th industrial revolution:

  • Knowledge: In this revolution the world need people have general knowledge about many subjects so that you can set up interdisciplinary thinking. Anyone who knows how to link mindset in many subjects in the life will have intelligent actions, smart decisions and more creation. This is a gift of human brain that Robot never can replace.
  • Mind set : Letting go material possession , reinforce your spirit , get rid of your greedy , your ego and your fearless , your jealous , comeback to yourself , back to natural environment , eat simple , live simple and enjoy happiness every day. Learning How to self-sufficient, homestead, recycle things and protect environment.

Do something before it too late.

Written By : Kimchi Luu


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