How to Motivate Self-Educated

There is no wealth like Knowledge. I think it is the best motivation for your self-education.and Here are 5 more motivation that you need to :

  1. The first and the most important thing is your desire to learn and improve knowledge and have better life with your knowledge. Good Knowledge can lead to good decision and good life. The desire of improving knowledge lead to your hard studying.
  2. Diligence: This is good characteristic that self-educated person need to set up time for self-education. And it helps you against lazy habits. If you lack of diligence. Don’t worry you can learn how to become diligence by autosuggestion. For example every day you autosuggestion yourself that “today I have to read book in 30 minutes “. Try it every day, a little bit and you will see the good results.
  3. Self-consciousness: You should know that Studying is good for yourself not for anyone. In the 4th industrial revolution. Knowledge is power. Especially Intelligent Artificial is developing and take control many subjects in our life. You need to improve your knowledge anywhere and every day to survive and develop. The best knowledge is good understanding without your ego, your greed and your anger. I called it is understanding of Enlightenment being or the wisdom of Buddha. Self- consciousness is a key to have happy life.
  4. Be Skillful in the way set up time for self-education: It based on your schedule every day. You should be skillful set up time perfect for you. For example: If you work at day time, you could study in night time, or you can spend breaking times for improve knowledge by news or books … In short, studying from everything, everywhere at anytime and anywhere.
  5. Make friends with people who also want to self-education like you. You will support, share, discuss and encourage each other.

Author : Kimchi Luu

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