Right Understanding: Food is Dirty

 This video is not only very useful for me to learn about food chains but also learn how to live for others by good actions : protect environment and help others.

In primitive Buddhism, Greed, Anger, Ignorance are 3 toxic that hurt you, hurt others and hurt animals. Today I want to talk about Greed.

Greed includes: Greedy for food, Greedy for Material possession, Greedy for love, Greedy for Fame …Because of Greed, Human willing hurt others and hurt animals, hurt living environment and hurt them without compassionate. Greed and Selfish are best friends of each other.

In my process of practice Primitive Buddhism, deleting Greed for Food is my first step to keep Precepts that Buddha taught only eat one meal a day.

I sit down and thinking deeply about Food : Vegetables absorb nutrition from soil , soil absorb body of animals , rubbish , poop of human and poop of animals … to become nutrition for Vegetables and We eat these Vegetables.

I have to work hard to buy these Vegetables for food. And then I have to spend time to wash these Vegetables and cook them. It’s time for enjoy these Vegetables. I chew and swallow food. And think about it. What is going on? It just gives me good feeling in few minutes and after swallowing it. And When I vomit it , no body want it. Good food becomes dirty. And then when I go shit. It becomes Poop and Poop becomes fertilizer for Vegetables.

Every day I practice thinking deeply about the food chains that I eat. Just over 10 days I don’t feel want food anymore. I only eat one meal a day and eat full.

P/s Buddha taught eat one meal a day. It means that don’t greed because of food that human hurt others or hurt animals. And eat too much will lead to fall asleep. Sleep is form of ignorance. Because of ignorance, Human hurt themselves, hurt others and hurt animals.
Benefit of eating one meal a day:  healthy, save time, save environment, help us have insight intelligent.
The right understanding about Food is dirty is very useful for people who greedy for food , who are obese patients…

By Kimchi Luu

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