Guide Self-Studying for Beginners

1.     Start to read books, magazine that you are interested. Reading is very useful skill for your mindset. Reading helps brain easily to memorize, improve knowledge and have smart thinking. Reading for beginners who are lazy to read is very hard. But I encourage all of you should choose books, comics, novels, magazines, newspaper that you like and choose short news around 100-300 words to begin with. After you get used to it, you will increase time for reading and choose long articles, books with 200-300 pages or even with academic books to read.
2.     Watch and Listen to interesting programs from YouTube , Television , Radio ,,, for example : Discovery channel , National Geography ,  Science , Technology, Art , Travel ,,, to improve your knowledge.
3.     Research and Discovery small subjects that you care. Start with 5W and 1H: What, Where, When, Why, Who and How. For example : How to fix the watch , How to grow sweet potatoes , How to recycles things ,What is economics …
4.     Practice writing: Start to write notes on your Facebook wall, if you worry somebody will read it , you can choose “only me see” or you can write notes on your notebook such as write diary. Writing skill helps you knowing How to express main ideas in the books or articles that you have read. It also helps you remember well. Or you can start to write a blog. Writing is a deep learning skill.
5.     Telling a good story about what you have learned today with your friends or your family’s members. It helps you remember better and longer what you have learned. This skill Abraham Lincoln practiced very often when he self-educated and Who knows ! you might be the next Abraham Lincoln
Author : Kimchi Luu


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