Right Understanding: Human Body is dirty


Buddha taught that Human Body is dirty in order to letting go greedy for love and greedy for body.
Greedy for love is very dangerous for Buddhists because of love is original of rebirth and immerse you in painful .Because of Love Human wiling to hurt themselves and others to satisfy their selfish.
Greedy for body makes human take over care of it, work hard to make up for it, worry for it. Because of greedy for body that Human shows up in this planet. Following 12 conditions of Buddhism greedy for body is number 4, because ignorance leads to actions, to consciousness, to form of human. If we delete 1 in 12 causes, we will end of rebirth reincarnation.
In process of practicing Buddhism to letting go greedy for body and greedy for love. I practice deep thinking about Human body. I observe my body. From the mouth to the ears, to the noses, eyes, armpit, ass, toes … all very dirty and contain dirty things. I also observe my toilet to see very clearly about what the Buddha taught.
Beside that I watch the YouTube clip about autopsy to have right understanding about Human Body. I see blood vessel of death body and think about root of the trees that absorb the death body of human and animals and rubbish , poop of human and animals into nutrition for trees and I eat these vegetables and fruits such as I eat the dirty things. Inside the body of human is pile of blood fresh. It is filthy.
I also watch the decay of death body on YouTube. After watching this video I felt that Buddha had right understanding about Human body by his insight.
With me now Food and Human body cannot entice me anymore. I have right understanding about them such as what the Buddha taught “Food and Human body is dirty”.
P/s In Buddhism we letting go Greedy for food, Greedy for love, greedy for body to have right understanding of insight about the truth of this life and reach to real happiness inside our mindset. It is morality of real Buddhist. We live this life without hurt ourselves, hurt others and hurt animals.
I think this right understanding about Human Body can help for people who has sexual addiction.Everyday these people should practice deep thinking about Human body is dirty. They will letting go sexual addiction.
Author : Kimchi Luu

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