Animals are not food chain of Human

In Buddhism from 4 elements : Soil , Water , Wind and Fire began to form the earth. And then Unicellular & Multicellular appeared starting to form living things in the earth. Plants appeared first and then Animals and Human (Human is kind of animal evolution).

All process had set up in ordinal. Following food chains, Plants are food chains of Animals and Human. Animals are not food chains of Human. Because Human and Animals are the same roots.

But because ignorance, Human have used their knowledge and power to kill and eat animals. This is cause of dolorous , war , sickness and reborn  to pay back.

My wish is Human will update their right knowledge and morality to step out relative civilization to step in absolute civilization where Human have right knowledge, right understanding, right thinking , right action and right speech ,,, to love , protect, respect and living in peace with all living things in this planet.

By Kimchi Luu. 

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