Understanding about Atmosphere

Understand about living environment help me a lot in self-studying Physics and Buddhism. When I letting go of my greed, my anger, my ignorance, my ego, my doubt … a state of  peaceful mind make me see through things that eyes could not see in normal. Such as virus and dust move in the atmosphere.

A layer of gases surrounding me, in front of my eyes. It is atmosphere which hidden secrets about foundation of human race. Starting from formation of earth to living things appeared such as: microorganism, animals and human. Around 6 – 10,000 km surrounding human but it is very important involves to action of human.

Bad action: destroy forest, kill animals and human, polluting the environment, stealing things and war… could lead to bad atmosphere and bad atmosphere lead to extreme weather and destroying living environment. Why we destroy forest, kill animals and human, polluting environment, stealing things and war, hurt yourself , hurt others by bad words and bad action because our greed, our anger, our ignorance.

Good action: protect plants, animals and human, helping and living peaceful with plants, animals and human, reducing your greed, your anger and your ignorance, always satisfied with what you have in your ability. Avoid hurt yourself and hurt others by bad words and bad action. These good action lead to good atmosphere. Good atmosphere lead to good weather, good living environment for yourself and others.

Physics and Buddhism support for each other’s to make clear phenomenon that human still in ignorance. Just keep mindfulness in your action and open your mind to learn and find out phenomenon around you. You will see the whole world and feel the peaceful in your mindset.

Self-Studying things that you care is the best way to update your knowledge to step out ignorance!

So today I would like to recommend you find out about Atmosphere!

By Kimchi Luu 

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