Causes and Effects of Arrogance

Causes of Arrogance : 

People often feel self-important and more talent than others. Therefore they often behave bossy and looking down on others.

Because Arrogance people don’t see their faults. They often blame for others and lack of responsible with themselves and with others.

Arrogance can appear in anyone, in any position. Because people supposed to be that they have ego.

Affects of Arrogance :

People whose have high arrogance often born in inferior family and inferior country. They often face inferior situations which often bring much suffering for them. Because every time they want to rise up and escape from inferior situation. But inferior situation still follow them.

People whose have arrogance characteristic often don’t have stability in any position, in any situation. Their life often up and down.

Because Arrogance they often make others want to get away from them. They lack of good friends and they often feel lonely.

How to fix the Arrogance : 

  • Think about impermanent, selflessness and suffering. Today we are rich, tomorrow we are poor. Today we are beautiful , tomorrow we are ugly. Today we are young, tomorrow we are old. Today we are healthy, tomorrow we are sickness… nothing lasting.
  • Every one has their own special and their own talent. We should respect and learn from them.
  • Think about what Buddha taught us ” there is not self. Our world is the world of 12 causes gathered and human is gathered by 5 elements. Nothing is you, is yours and your ego.”
  • Think about the bad effects of arrogance : lonely, suffer and inferior situation …


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