Impermanent law and Causes & Effects law of Buddha is explained by Chaos theory. 

In process of studying Buddhism and Physics. I found out Impermanent law and Cause & Effects law of Buddha is explained scientifically way by Chaos theory. Let take a look at definition of Chaos theory.

Chaos theory is a mathematical and scientific field dealing with complex systems. The basic idea of chaos is theory is that, although the system in question is completely deterministic, meaning that every time a certain input is put in the exact same output will be produced without exception or random fluctuation, these systems may still display patterns that are completely unpredictable and never repeat.

and please take a look at Lorenz Attractors, which is a common mathematical representation of chaos theory. As the graph moves through time (see direction of arrows), the exact same state is never seen twice (i,e, the lines never intersect).

 Lorenz Attractors

And in the impermanent law, the Buddha told that everything has changed in Kṣaṇa ( split-second time unit in Buddhism ). There were nothing permanent and unchanged. Therefore nothing is you, is yours and your ego. In order to help human avoid suffering from impermanent law. In his entire teaching life, he always taught impermanent law as a the truth of life .

Impermanent law has the same idea with conception “everything flows” of Heraclitus “Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers.”

How about Causes and Effects law in Buddhism.

Now let take a look at another part of Chaos theory : “input X will always produce output Y and never anything but output Y, two inputs that differ by only minute amounts can, over time, result in extremely different outputs. For instance, say when X=1, then Y=13. However, when X=1.00001, then Y=42. In this example, it is clear that a very minute and seemingly inconsequential difference in inputs generate vastly different results. Such extreme sensitivity is explanation for the widely-known idea of the “butterfly effect“, wherein the minute changes in air flow resulting from the flap of a butterfly’s wings leads to a cascade of changes that amplify that effect into the difference between a hurricane forming or not.”

The widely-known idea Butterfly effect ” Small causes can have large effects ” is Causes and Effects law that Buddha taught 26 centuries ago. Do not disregard on small bad behaviors. And do not disregard on small good behaviors. All of them all have large effects.

These are my interdisciplinary thinking in my self-studying path. I need more time to find out and prove for my studying. I am willing to learn and listen other’s ideas. Best regards.

by Kimchi Luu

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