Understanding that Everything is impermanent help human live peaceful

Buddha taught that Everything is impermanent. The Change happened in every split-second that I found in Chaos theory  “the exact same state is never seen twice.”

Chaos theory is a mathematical and scientific field dealing with complex systems. The basic idea of chaos is theory is that, although the system in question is completely deterministic, meaning that every time a certain input is put in the exact same output will be produced without exception or random fluctuation, these systems may still display patterns that are completely unpredictable and never repeat. The reason this can be true is that these complex systems are highly sensitive to initial conditions”.

In the presence of everything already has had changed constantly in its.

For instance :In our body, cells birth and death in every second. Skin, hair, nail has had changed everyday.  Or the flow of river, look at it seems there is nothing change much but there is always continues movement changed in every second of force flow, speed and capacity…or such as today we are young, tomorrow we are old. Today we are healthy, tomorrow we get sick. Today we live, tomorrow we die. Today we earn more money, tomorrow we are broken. Today we have a job, tomorrow we unemployment. Today we love each others, tomorrow we hate each others…

This impermanent happen every moments. We can observe it by eyes or by measurement of mathematical methods. It is the truth of life.

Because impermanent so everything is not self. But Human is ignorance, so they often think that everything is permanent and invariant. Therefore when the changing comes, they often suffer and regret. The Buddha said that ” If you want everything doesn’t change, There would be impossible.” Dīgha-nikāya Episode 1.

Who can see everything is impermanent proved by Chaos theory is insight people. Who can not see everything is impermanent is ignorance people. Ignorance people often think that they has ego. Therefore, they often run follow greed, anger, ignorance, pride and doubt…They live the life harmful for themselves and others beings.

But follow Chaos theory and What Buddha taught ” Everything is impermanent.” So today they are ignorance, tomorrow they will have right understanding and insight thinking.

And follow Chaos theory ” as stated above with the definition of “deterministic”, input X will always produce output Y and never anything but output Y, two inputs that differ by only minute amounts can, over time, result in extremely different outputs. For instance, say when X=1, then Y=13. However, when X=1.00001, then Y=42. In this example, it is clear that a very minute and seemingly inconsequential difference in inputs generate vastly different results.”

Therefore Small changes also can have large different results.

With enlightenment of Buddha. He had wonderful insight to know everything as its real nature. So Buddha always taught people should know shame and fix the mistake. Small changes can have large different.

You just need to know your mindset, your speech, your action is harmful for yourself, for others and for beings. And you fix that mistakes. It will make large change. And It will bring happy life for you, for others and for all beings.

By Kimchi Luu

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