10 Commandments for new Monk

  1. Should not killing (human, animals, plants and being.)
  2. Should not stealing (material, hours of work and bribery…)
  3. Should not lustful (with human, animals and being.)
  4. Should not tell the lie (tell things untrue, tell things to make divide between two people or make divide in the organize , tell things hurt others by bad words…)
  5. Should not drink or use alcohol, addictive substances.
  6. Should not make up ( cosmetic, perfume and nice luxury clothes.)
  7. Should not sing and listen to the music.
  8. Should not lying big bed and luxury bed (less want , know enough.)
  9. Should eat only one meal a day.
  10. Should not keep and save the money.

This is 10 commandments for new monk to do and live follow in order to eradicate craving and enter to the holiness life of a monk. Why I don’t use words “ban or do not” in these 10 commandments. Instead of that I use word ” should not and should” because The Buddha did not force anyone to do follow his teaching. By his enlightenment and his right understanding about this life. He just gave right advice for everyone what should to do and should to live follow Causes and Effects law which has been running this universe.

Intelligent people who do understand and do believe in Buddha’s teaching words will do good things and live useful for their life and for others being.

Ignorance people who do not understand and do not believe in Buddha’s teaching words will do bad things and live harmful for their life and for others being.

These commandment make the life of monks or anyone who has right understanding and do follow the Buddha’s teaching will has holiness and peaceful life. From this peaceful life you will reach right concentration and enlightenment to own born, old, sickness, death and end of reborn.

By Kimchi Luu 

Written Based on the Buddha’s teaching 

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