Learn to say nice words

Human being has three places that often create good or bad actions. First of all is body, second is mouth and the third is consciousness. In purpose avoiding do bad things that hurt for yourself, for other beings. Today we learn about how to say nice words to others.

  1. Practice say nice words to your friends, your family’s members and with others beings by all your heart. Say what you want others say the same to you. Love, Kindness, Sympathy and Forgiving.
  2. Avoid saying mockery words and offensive words with others. When you angry, keep silent and think about nice actions of others and practice kindness and sympathy with them.
  3. Using “autosuggestion” to often remind yourself consciousness : ” Consciousness has to say nice words to others because bad words can hurt others. They will be very sad and suffering from our bad words. “
  4. Get away from joking words, even if it is no harmful words. It makes us lack of morality of speech.

Benefit of say nice words :

  1. Everyone respect and love you.
  2. Body and mind often lucid and peaceful.
  3. Your speech often respected by intelligent people.

Author : Kimchi Luu 

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