No Stealing

Stealing has many ways :

  1. Stealing things that not belong yours own.
  2. Stealing things without asking or permission of others.
  3. Stealing working hours : do your own work in working place, sleep in working hours, lazy in working hours…
  4. Stealing studying hours : lie to your parents and do private things in studying hours, lazy in studying hours, sleep in studying hours…
  5. Taking bribes is stealing money.

No stealing is morality action of human being. Everyone has to work hard to have money, things and food. When people lose money, things… They will feel very sad and suffering. Just like us. So let’s behave morality way, respect things of others. Never stealing. Working hard and willing to help others.

How to stop stealing things without asking or permission of others :

  1. Before stealing things, please think about others will be very sad and suffering if we stealing their things.
  2. Think about Cause and Effect Law : We have to be responsible for what we did. ( in Jail, Shame, Poor, People looking down on what we stolen, beaten up…)
  3. Using ” autosuggestion” remind yourself “Stealing is bad action , lack of morality of human being. No Stealing”.
  4. Remind yourself that “Matter is just illusion. Don’t immerse in it. Letting go.”
  5. Working hard is morality action with yourself and with others.

Author : Kimchi Luu

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