Know How To Shame

  1. Shame when you use your power to kill and eat meat of others being.
  2. Shame when you stealing things from others without asking or permission.
  3. Shame when you telling lie and talk bad words hurt yourself and others.
  4. Shame when you lazy to study or working hard to feed yourself and your family.
  5. Shame when you lewd with others beings.
  6. Shame when you betray your spouses.
  7. Shame when you use alcohol or drugs that hurt for yourself and others.
  8. Shame when you use money of others without working hard.
  9. Shame when you are greedy man.
  10. Shame when you are greedy eater.

People who know how to shame when do somethings bad or hurt yourself and others is person who has morality life with himself and with others. Because know how to shame is the first action of human being to fix their mistake to be better person or to be a holy man.

Author : Kimchi Luu

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