A prediction for globalization in 2018

We recently forecast that 2018 will be a bumper year for M&A and IPO deals, thanks to improved global demand, continued momentum in stock markets and an uptick in global trade. The big risks to this outlook include unpredictable US trade policy, problems in the US bond market and a dip in China's economic growth.

Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom ! Oprah Winfrey 

A Survival Guide For The Fourth Industrial Revolution

For those of us fortunate enough to come together at Davos this year, the Fourth Industrial Revolution promises gains in scientific knowledge, human health, economic growth and more. But for most people around the world, the prospect of a future in which robots and computers can perform many human jobs is a source of profound personal concern.

In order helping everyone prepare facing an extreme future. I find helpful documents from World Economic Forum. It provides overall the future risk of global. My wish is Human being will look back their action in the past and fix it in the present to be better present, better future and better world for themselves... Continue Reading →

4 scenarios for the future of work

Will technology kill jobs and exacerbate inequality, or usher in a utopia of more meaningful work and healthier societies? While it is impossible to know what tomorrow holds, research by global professional services company PwC explores four possible futures – or “worlds” – driven by the “mega trends” of technological breakthroughs, rapid urbanization, ageing populations, shifting global economic power, resource scarcity and climate change.

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