Know How To Shame

People who know how to shame when do somethings bad or hurt yourself and others is person who has morality life with himself and with others. Because know how to shame is the first action of human being to fix their mistake to be better person or to be a holy man. 

The truth about Human Body

Have you ever wondered what it means to be human? It turns out that only a tiny percentage of what you and I are made of is actually human — and we need our non-human bits to survive. This part of us now has a name — it's called our microbiome. 

10 Commandments for new Monk

These commandment make the life of monks or anyone who has right understanding and do follow the Buddha's teaching will has holiness and peaceful life. From this peaceful life you will reach right concentration and enlightenment to own born, old, sickness, death and end of reborn. 

What is right understanding ?

Buddhism is humanistic ethics of human. Buddhism brings light for everyone by right understanding about real nature of life. And you are the person who will lighting your life by your right action so that it's useful for yourself, for others and for beings.