10 Commandments for new Monk

These commandment make the life of monks or anyone who has right understanding and do follow the Buddha's teaching will has holiness and peaceful life. From this peaceful life you will reach right concentration and enlightenment to own born, old, sickness, death and end of reborn. 

What is right understanding ?

Buddhism is humanistic ethics of human. Buddhism brings light for everyone by right understanding about real nature of life. And you are the person who will lighting your life by your right action so that it's useful for yourself, for others and for beings.

Impermanence and not self

Any kind of material form whatever, whether past, future, or present, internal or external, gross or subtle, inferior or superior, far or near, all material form should be seen as it actually is with proper wisdom thus: "This is not mine, this I am not, this is not my self."

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