Mathematics for Real Life

People who face day-to-day life with the help of numbers are less prone to be the victims of scams and tend to weigh different options with data, without being influenced by the opinions or emotions of other people

What is an algorithm

The online lesson about Algorithm that I found on Khan Academy is introduced by video with transcript. Easy to understand for all of you to do self-studying. Hope it is useful for you. Thanks Khan Academy for dedicate good lessons.

Mathematics – The Language of the Universe

I think it is much simpler than that. Mathematics is a language developed by the human brain. Albeit the most precise language we know of today, still basically a language. Mathematics is a kind of map over how our brain works, with logic as its compass. In the future it may well be that we find (invent) an even more precise language than mathematics, which will then be used to describe all sorts of phenomena.

Recommended book : Mathematics for the Life Sciences

The life sciences deal with a vast array of problems at different spatial, temporal, and organizational scales. The mathematics necessary to describe, model, and analyze these problems is similarly diverse, incorporating quantitative techniques that are rarely taught in standard undergraduate courses. This textbook provides an accessible introduction to these critical mathematical concepts, linking them to …